Project partners

Kunstraum Ewigkeitsgasse - Verein welt&co
Exhibition venue, Vienna, March - April 2011

Galerie Gmünd
Location of the exhibition "wo anders" (else where), August - September 2010.

Kulturförderverein Lelkendorf e.V.
Association for the promotion of visual and performing arts in historic buildings in a village in northern Germany. Sculpture Symposium August 2010.

SkulpturenRadweg SteinbergRunde - LeogangerKinderKultur
Project in which artists create sculptures for a 70-km long cycle route with local school pupils. My participation was in 2008 - 2009, with a sculpture in St. Ulrich (Tyrol), Austria.

A small and exquisite art hotel with a collection of contemporary works by german and austrian artists. Represented in the collection with the work "while you were sleeping" (2009).

Schloss Misuko
A former manor house in Todendorf (northern Germany, region of Rostock) has been conversted into a german-japanese cultural centre. The sculpture "Grenzsteine" is sited in the japanese grove.

Galerie Vorspann / Galerija Vprega
exhibition venue: Spt - Oct 2012, one-person show "bad habits"


[kunstwerk] krastal
Association of sculptors, based at marble quarry in Krastal, Carinthia, Austria.

Kunstverein Kärnten
Artists' association of Carinthia, Austria.

sculpture network
sculpture network is a European non-profit organisation for the support and advancement of contemporary, three-dimensional art.

Museum Moderner Kunst Kärnten


Hazem El Mestikawy
sculpture and installation

Rainer Fest

Bettina Frenzel

Barbara Graf
textile works in 2 and 3 dimensions

Julie Hayward
sculpture and drawing

Linda Thalmann
installation & conceptual art